Thursday, June 27, 2013

my tension is weird...

In these days, my tension is weird due to so much work and academic studies.  Pressured by and engrossed in immediate challenges, I sometimes lose in myself...

This present feeling derives from the fact that, everyday and anywhere, something new shows up in front of me and surprises me so much. 

Also today, my senior colleague told me on the actual case in the past and in my office that an old army English word created misunderstanding among people from different countries. That word in Japanese is so common that many Japanese would not expect such a word has an impact on foreigners.

Moreover, she pointed me out that the letter I prepared has a possibility which creates misunderstanding also. Maybe many Japanese can understand and share my intention, so do my Japanese bosses. She, however, said that foreigners read just as the sentences are written without "implicit assumption."

Now I am something-new-sick, like a carsick... 
Like air or wind, I aspire to leap over hurdles one after next very lightly.

Just after bearing in mind that concentration and cooling-down are prioritized to me now, I should rest myself without any worry.

Me and all you guys, much of things around you is a piece of cake!

And have a good night's sleep like a child... :)

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