Sunday, June 23, 2013


Today I took the French proficiency test ; grade 4 &5.

Actually there were several questions I couldn't answer with certainty, but it seems that I could pass the tests according to the answers the association provided to us just after the test.

My present goal is to get pre-1st grade until next year... somehow!!

Anyway now I keep studying Civil, Criminal, and Administration Laws for the end of term tests.  In this room, there are other students studying for the same reason as mine, so I feel assured somehow...

Also things as to my work intrigue me so often, but it is the best and only way to get over each of them one by one carefully.

メルさんのブログはさすが英語だらけですね。(というわけで見習って ↑ も英語・日本語にしてみました。)しかもセンスいいですね。。

The woods have a special serenity that calls people and soothes them inside out.

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